We Won! AEA wins PEEHIP Lawsuit!

March 08, 2019 12:00 AM


We Won



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The Alabama Supreme Court ruled today in favor of our case against PEEHIP, meaning tens of thousands of Alabama's educators will finally see some of the long overdue 2016 pay raise, plus a refund of illegal health insurance premiums!


At this time, we do not have any information about how or when refunds will be issued. Over the coming weeks, we will offer our assistance to determine the most efficient and effective means of refund distribution for members.

AEA was the only organization involved in this lawsuit, and our members are to be thanked for their investment in the legal team that took the case all the way to the state's highest court!

AEA President Sherry Tucker said, “Now is the time to talk to your colleagues who haven't joined your professional organization yet. The PEEHIP case is only the beginning of what we will accomplish for Alabama educators when we join forces.”

Please stay tuned to all AEA social media outlets for updates as we will share all pertinent information publicly when available. In the meantime, talk to your co-workers. Make sure they understand only AEA is fighting for Alabama's education employees.

Congratulations, Alabama educators! #ReturnOurRaise


For more background information, visit: https://myaea.org/returnourraise 



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