AEA Statement on State Superintendent's PEEHIP Memo

June 15, 2019 12:00 AM


AEA is aware of the memo issued by State Superintendent Eric Mackey regarding the processing of refunds by PEEHIP as the result of AEA’s successful litigation. Apparently, Dr. Mackey issued his memo without the knowledge that the litigation itself has now returned to the Montgomery County Circuit Court by the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Johnny Hardwick has not approved the method outlined by Dr. Mackey in his memo for issuing refunds.


The Alabama Supreme Court specifically refused to address the question of how the refunds were to be handled and returned the matter to Judge Hardwick to determine that process. AEA is asking for a status conference with the judge at his earliest availability, hopefully next week, and will work with the court in approving a procedure to issue refunds as quickly as possible.


AEA will not take any action to intentionally delay the distribution of refunds, but takes its obligation to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and compensated properly very seriously. It is the intent of AEA to comply with all orders of the Alabama Supreme Court and the Montgomery County Circuit Court concerning these refunds.