Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA)










The Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA) is a professional organization comprised of college students preparing to be educators. When you join SAEA, you become part of the largest professional education association in the state of Alabama, AEA.  


Joining SAEA means:

  • Experiencing professional development and education training through conferences and sessions
  • Helping to upgrade the quality of teacher education nationwide
  • Protecting and promoting the rights of all students
  • Working within our community to build strong partnerships
  • Affiliating with other chapters across the state and nation
  • Preparing to make a smooth transition from campus to profession



To provide access to knowledge and information which will enhance the ability of our members to succeed in their chosen profession, to foster leadership skills, and to assist in the transition from college student to professional educator.  


Who Can Join:

Any student who is enrolled in a postsecondary program that is preparatory for employment in a position that would make him or her eligible for teacher or support membership in the Alabama Education Association (AEA) and who is not eligible for another category is eligible for membership in SAEA. 


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SAEA Division Contact:

Suzanne Clemons, AEA Education Policy and Professional Practice Director


Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA) Board of Directors 


The SAEA needs aspiring educators who want to share and develop their leadership skills. 


*Must be a member of SAEA with at least one full year of school left. 


Nomination Deadline: March 1, 2021 at 4:45 p.m.


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FREE Praxis Blended Learning Course for SAEA Members


We recognize that standardized tests serve as a barrier to entering the teaching profession. To address this issue, NEA's Teacher Quality department is launching a Praxis Blended Learning course. This course, developed by educators, will focus on Praxis Core - Math, Reading, Writing. Each module is around 6-8 weeks and currently all virtual. This may change once we are able to meet in person. If you need help studying Praxis, this is for you.  


These courses are free to all members that need help passing Praxis. Each participant will be required to complete pre-assessment tests. The deadline to complete is March 3rd or when spaces are full.


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FTA encourages young people to choose teaching as a career and provides a means for students to participate in realistic education activities.