Legal Benefits


Liabilities and Legal Protection


Education is a profession with many hidden pitfalls and liabilities. A lifetime career of teaching and inspiring our children is a worthy calling. On the other hand, working with children creates circumstances that can threaten your reputation and even cost you your livelihood. There are endless stories of how false accusations and unwarranted charges left unanswered can cost educators their certification and the ability to be employed.


That is where AEA’s Legal Department, its liability insurance policy, and its statewide system of network attorneys stand as the hallmark of protection for the professional members of AEA.


AEA’s staff attorneys are considered the best education attorneys in the state, and they work hand-in-hand with local attorneys across Alabama.  Members are never far from legal protection or the advice of an attorney with education expertise.


As a professional, you should never worry about the cost of legal protection when you are falsely attacked. AEA attorneys will represent you at no additional cost because you are an AEA member.


AEA provides members with $1 million of liability insurance, no-cost attorneys in job actions, and 30 minutes of free legal advice from attorneys on our Attorney Referral Roster. Members get discounted fees from these attorneys on non-job-related issues.


For more information, link to AEA’s Professional Rights and Responsibilities booklet.


What to do if you need legal protection


If you are faced with an action related to your employment – suspension, termination, disciplinary action, transfers, certificate revocation, lawsuit by student or parent, job-related or Department of Human Resources charges – the first and immediate action is to contact your local UniServ Director.


Your UniServ Director can advise you and stand with you to defend yourself with full access to all the legal and liability protections afforded to AEA members, including providing you with an application for legal assistance if warranted.


AEA Legal Services

AEA's Legal Department and its statewide system of network attorneys stand as the hallmark of protection for members of AEA.

Liability Insurance

The AEA/NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Insurance Program provides coverage to all AEA members in all membership categories.

Member Assault Protection Plan (MAPP)

Whether it is in the classroom, the gym, the cafeteria, or on the school bus, AEA members receive additional protection from assault from parents, guardians, and students.

PR&R Handbook

AEA's Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) Legal Services program works to protect employment rights and privileges of members involved in adverse employment action. 

Attorney Referral

The AEA Attorney Referral Program was established to assist members in getting legal advice on non-job-related issues.