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2018 AEA Delegate Assembly November 29 - Dec. 1, 2018 Montgomery, Alabama


The government of the Alabama Education Association is controlled by the Delegate Assembly which shall set policies, require reports, and vest certain authority in the officers and staff.


The assembly consists of:

A. Delegates elected from and by members of the local association.
B. Members of the Board of Directors, the President, the Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer of the state Association.
C. The president of each division of Active and Education Support Professional members in the Association.
D. The state President and ten (10) delegates elected by the division of Retired Teachers, plus one (1) additional elected delegate from each l,000 retired members or major fraction thereof over 7,000 members.
E. Five (5) delegates elected from and by members of the Student Alabama Education Association.

Each local association shall be entitled to one (1) delegate for the first fifty (50) members and to one (1) additional delegate for each additional fifty (50) members or major fraction thereof provided that in the event the full membership of any local association is less than fifty (50) members, such association shall be entitled to one (1) delegate.
Delegates from the local association shall be elected by June 1. They shall take office immediately upon election to serve a term of one (1) year. The list of delegates shall be furnished to the Executive Director within ten (10) days following the election. The membership of the local association as reported by January 15 of the school year in which the election occurs, shall be the basis on which voting representation in the Delegate Assembly is determined for the next year. Any new local association will be awarded delegates, for the first year only, based upon paid and/or pledged members reported by January 15.


Election of local delegates to the AEA Delegate Assembly shall be conducted with open nominations and by secret ballot, shall guarantee ethnic-minority representation at least proportionate to the local's ethnic-minority membership, and shall provide proportionate representation between the local's non-supervisory and its supervisory members.


Delegate Assembly:

The annual meeting of the Delegate Assembly is determined by the assembly or the Board of Directors, as to time and place. The Assembly may hold other regular meetings as it may determine. Special meetings may be called by the Board of Directors.


No delegate shall be entitled to a seat in the Assembly unless the member is in good standing of both AEA and the local association or unit. The member must also present a Certificate of Election signed by the president and secretary of the local association or unit.


Contact your Uniserv Director for more information on your local association and how to become a delegate.

UniServ Districts

UniServ Directors provide on-site professional services and support to AEA members and local associations.

Local Associations

Local associations are comprised of colleagues within your local school system.
Find your local association for immediate contact for professional support. 

AEA Elections

AEA is the largest democratically organized professional association in Alabama and almost every AEA leadership position is elected by the membership. 
Your vote elects the education professionals who set the agenda for your association and in many cases for your local schools. The more you get involved and the more you vote, the stronger your professional association will become.