ACT Elections


The Alabama Association of Classroom Teachers (ACT) is now accepting nominations for the ACT Board of Directors.


District director positions up for election are as follows: 

  • District 1 White (2-year term)
  • District 2 Black (2-year term)
  • District 3 Black (2-year term)
  • District 4 Black (2-year term)
  • District 5 Black (2-year term)
  • District 6 White (2-year term)
  • District 7 White (2-year term)


To qualify, ACT District Directors shall have been members of the Association of Classroom Teachers for one (1) year prior to the election and will serve a term of two (2) years.  Each nomination must be accompanied by a written statement from the nominee of his or her consent to become a candidate.  Send completed forms to:


Alabama Education Association

Attention: JoAnn Wilson, ACT President

Suzanne Clemons, Education Policy and Professional Practices Director

P.O. Box 4177

Montgomery, AL 36103-4177


Nominations for the above positions on the ACT Board of Directors must be received at the AEA Headquarters by December 15, 2020, 4:45 p.m


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