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Trauma-Informed Pedagogy for Learning

July 27, 2021@ 3:00pm CT

Students faced a perfect storm of traumatic events including a nationwide pandemic, economic instability, racial unrest over police killings, months of anxiety and isolation caused by school and community shutdowns, family illness, bullying, anxiety, and more. Educators will engage in conversation about the social and emotional impacts of trauma on our students and their learning, identify the signs of trauma, and how to address the underlying needs of our students.


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Understanding Students and Trauma

July 28, 2021@ 10:30-11:30am CT

This session investigates the impact that trauma has on students in our classrooms. The presenter will analyze different forms of trauma and interventions to help mitigate the impacts of this trauma on learning. The session will also prepare educators on how to develop and sustain a trauma-sensitive classroom that is compassionate and nurturing for all students.


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EdTech Pedagogy in Early Childhood

July 29, 2021@ 10:30-11:30am CT

Our youngest learners are navigating the world online and offline. How can we best accommodate the digital world, keeping our early childhood student's diverse and unique needs in mind? Using technology to provide learning, but knowing when offline options are best or better; a look at evaluating technology and developing online activities for our students with parent supports Y5-2.


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Tech Tools to Facilitate Student Collaboration and Connection

July 30, 2021@ 10:30-11:30am CT

Facilitating collaboration and connection while teaching virtually, hybrid, and/or in person is an ongoing and essential task. Tech tools such as Pear Deck, Jamboard, and Padlet can provide space for teachers to facilitate student engagement and connection. In this session, participants will explore various ways to use interactive tools while prioritizing connection with and among students.


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