NBCT Support Grants

August 20, 2018 12:00 AM


Great Opportunity for Teachers Statewide to Further Professional and Classroom Skills

The state of Alabama wants more national-certified educators, teaching in its local school systems. To assist with this effort, the Alabama State Department of Education began offering National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Support Grants, earlier this year.


This special professional development grant offers financial support to qualified educators who decide to complete the NBCT-professional certification process.


Teachers interested in applying for NBCT Support Grants, must do so immediately.


This year’s official application deadline is September 14, 2018. Interested educators should apply at the following Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) web link:




Certified Teachers – Positive Impact and Classroom Performance


National Board Certification is a voluntary teaching credential, which goes beyond state licensure. It focuses on advanced standards for all teachers – what they should know and be able to accomplish in their classrooms.


As of June 2018, the state of Alabama officially had 2,530 National Board Certified educators.


These top educators are now positively impacting student achievement in our state, and helping to increase classroom performance. http://www.nbpts.org/in-your-state/in-your-state/al/

  • Schools with National Board Certified Teachers are often characterized by better teacher morale, retention, and increased community involvement.
  • Districts and schools with national certified teachers often drive student learning toward empowering teachers in the classroom – just under 3 percent of our nation’s teachers have successfully earned this credential.
  • Harvard University’s Strategic Data Project reported students of Board-certified teachers outperformed and gained roughly the equivalent of two months of additional instruction, in some courses (Los Angeles and Georgia school district studies).

Alabama’s amount of certified teachers has increased by more than 12.6 percent since 2010.


Learn more about Alabama’s NBCT Support Grant program. Contact ALSDE Coordinator of Educator Recruitment and Placement Debra Graham-Gosha, Ed.S, at dgosha@alsde.edu.