Judge denies motion to dismiss case, AEA's lawsuit to protect educators continues

October 04, 2022 12:00 AM



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Judge denies motion to dismiss case, AEA’s lawsuit to protect educators continues


Clanton, Alabama, October 4 – Today, Judge Sibley Reynolds ruled in AEA’s favor when he denied Chilton County Superintendent Jason Griffin’s Motion to Dismiss. This means AEA members Christie Payne and Shellie Smith, who were accused of being overpaid in April, can continue to fight Superintendent Griffin’s reprehensive misconduct that asks these hard working educators to pay back thousands of earned dollars. We thank Judge Reynolds for seeing through Superintendent Griffin’s bogus argument that he is immune from suit and can essentially get away with whatever he so chooses. The case can now move forward into discovery and litigation, where the judicial system can vindicate these educators. Furthermore, it will be essential to disclose to the public any school board members that support the injustice Superintendent Griffin is doing to the plaintiffs and their families.


AEA is the only organization fighting this misconduct, and we stand ready to fight for all educators who are accused of being overpaid when all they did was rightfully earn a paycheck at the rate their board told them they would earn.


“It is the goal of AEA to have Payne and Smith vindicated of any alleged wrongdoing, keep their salaries, and work without being harassed by Superintendent Griffin,” said AEA Associate Executive Director Theron Stokes.



Order from Judge Sibley Reynolds